Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.LTD (Abbreviation TVh)


Television Hokkaido Broadcasting , also known as TVh, is a commercial broadcasting station which covers Hokkaido area, the northern part of Japan, and started broadcasting in October 1989.
TVh is one of the members of the TV Tokyo Network group.
We focus on news reports and production of TV-programs on the Hokkaido economy and also we are highly evaluated by the viewers on TV-programs made about sightseeing, travel, food , sports and outdoor activities.

“Company Spirit”

Company Spirit image Company Spirit image

Introduction of unique companies based on the special quality of Hokkaido.

“Company spirit” started in April 2008, as one segment of the economic information program “KEIZAI NAVI Hokkaido” broadcasted by TVh.
About 260 companies in Hokkaido, have been introduced in it since December ,2013
This time we will introduce one of them.

It is said that, generally speaking, compared with Honshu (the main island of Japan), there are few long-established companies in Hokkaido because of its short history.
However, there are many companies which are highly evaluated for their products and company activities reflecting their own management principals and foundation spirit.
In this “Company spirit”, we introduce those products and services as an introduction, and then aim at explaining the “spirit”, which is the root of the company foundation, such as the mind of the manager and the thoughts of the workers ,in its background.

”The twin polar bear growth diaries” (63 minutes)

”The twin polar bear growth diaries” (63 minutes)  image ”The twin polar bear growth diaries” (63 minutes)  image

A total coverage documentary of the popular figures of Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo, HOKKAIDO

Female polar bear twins “PORORO” and “MARURU” which were born in Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo, Hokkaido on December 8, 2012.
The sight of the twins who are totally cute, looking like stuffed toys, became very popular among the citizens and made the number of people who come to the zoo increase rapidly.
TV Hokkaido reported closely on the growth of these twin polar bears in one segment of the news every Thursday, and broadcast more than 40 times.
"The twin polar bear growth diaries" is a collection of documentary films which selected the particularly beautiful scenes of the twin’s stages of growth and the state of their mother "LARA"’s strict but affectionate way of child care from the large amount of pictures which were accumulated for this segment and compiled into 63 minutes.

”Look for local beauty”
The Okhotsk walk with Mr. Zoo

”Look for local beauty”
The Okhotsk walk with Mr. Zoo image ”Look for local beauty”
The Okhotsk walk with Mr. Zoo image

This is a travel program hosted by Mr. Zoo, who is a successful illustrator in Hokkaido, taking a walk in a local city in Hokkaido, slowly and enjoyably with a female announcer of TV Hokkaido.
Another purpose behind the scenes of the sightseeing trip is "looking for beautiful women"! .
This time, they visited Monbetsu city, facing the Sea of Okhotsk, which is famous for drift ice and crabs, and also the neighboring two towns of, Okoppe-cho and Oumu-cho in the nearby of Monbetsu.
In Mombetsu city, they visited the “Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum”.
There is a room which is -20 degrees centigrade, even in midsummer, in an underground part of this museum and you can touch a huge, genuine piece of drift ice gathered during winter there.

The friendly conversation between Mr.Zoo, who is an illustrator that loves Hokkaido heartily, and those women is fun.
The illustrated letters, which Mr.Zoo makes quickly in an interval of the trip are heart-warming and attractive.
You will want to surely visit the Okhotsk coast if you watch this program.

”Blessing of the earth”  
Ambitious challenges of agriculture in Hokkaido

”Blessing of the earth”  
Ambitious challenges of agriculture in Hokkaido iamge ”Blessing of the earth”  
Ambitious challenges of agriculture in Hokkaido iamge

"Agriculture kingdom, Hokkaido."
Hokkaido, which has a rich nature, boasts a maximum agricultural production in Japan, and its high quality of farm products runs at the leading edge of agriculture in Japan, at the same time. It is each farmer’s job to support this agriculture. They produce new kinds of crops and grow the crops, which are safer and more delicious.
They plow the earth heartily and bring out the blessing of nature. It is no exaggeration to express these farmers as “craftsman”.
This TV-program is broadcasted at times as one segment in the news on TV Hokkaido.

The leading roles are the farmers who work in cultivation, sincerely, and the crops.
So The people who see this program may take in the new charm and the possibilities of Hokkaido, while being greatly different from general things such as "sightseeing" or "gourmet".

”The Hill of Noboribetsu” 
A famous golf course in Hokkaido

”The Hill of Noboribetsu” 
A famous golf course in Hokkaido image ”The Hill of Noboribetsu” 
A famous golf course in Hokkaido image

There is a famous golf course called Noboribetsu Country Club close to the central part of Hokkaido, the world-famous Noboribetsu hot-spring.
No-one appears in this program to introduce this golf course. There is no narration, either. It is an extremely unique mini-program project, backed by calm classical music, with beautiful images of each course in the morning haze or in the sunset. This program can have a healing effect to make the viewer feel relieved.
The program is broadcast twelve times, each segment lasts 3 minutes.



 The Final Round of The 23rd YOSAKOI SORAN FESTIVAL , which was held on The 8th of June, was released on the full- scale of the stage event for about 1 hours And half.
This festival had been held from the 4th of June to the 8th of June.
About 270 teams had partipated in this festival, the selected 10 teams would be on the final round, and MVP(The most valuable performer) was selected on then. 
On this program we enjoy our watching the full scale of the final round , and it was broadcasted from 19:54 to 20:48 on Live on the 8th of June.

 Length of the program: 114 min.

“Traveling in Hokkaido”

“Traveling in Hokkaido” “Traveling in Hokkaido”

This TV-Program has been broght on the informations of Hot-Springs,
Hotels, Gourmet, Sightseeing, Outdoor-Sports, and so on in Hokkaido to The people. On the 11th of January the number of episodes of this program is 850 one’s. Off couse they has been very useful for the travelers who is planning to travel in Hokkaido.
This program has been broadcasted from 18:30 to 19:00 every Saturday evening in Hokkaido, the northern island of JAPAN.

Length of the program : 30 min